1. Hie. I would like assistance with adding my name on my getresponse form so that it appears on my newsletters. Currently
    my newsletters are going out like this, “My name is (name missing), and l am going to”

    Also my ending of my newsletters does the same,
    “Yours Sincerely,
    (name missing)

    Can you please give me step by step instructions on how l can fix that.

    Thank you

    • Helena Asmus Lim says:

      Hi sh, I am sorry not to have gotten back to you earlier. In either case, I am afraid I am unable to help you. While I have not done it yet, I have decided I will be closing my GetResponse account. It is not as user-friendly as I hoped. And each time I have problems with it, it is not easy to troubleshoot because I find their interface (to manage my account) to be very non-user friendly.

      However I hope you find much more success with them than I did.

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