GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #1: Easy Overview

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part1

GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 1

This easy GetResponse Tutorial is a 6-part tutorial specifically designed for newbies.  Also suitable for anyone looking for a quick refresher.

If you happen to be still considering which autoresponder to go with (or even what is an email autoresponder, then you might want to check out the easy Email Autoresponder series.)


What is Covered in this GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies

The GetResponse tutorial covers how to set up your (first) email-marketing campaign (aka list) and everything you will need, up to being able to automate your first newsletter from your blog postings.

Please do not fret if any of the subsequent tutorial parts seem long.  It only seems that way because I have added detailed steps for you.  I have included many screenshots to make things as simple and as clear as possible.

This tutorial is not the only way to do things in GetResponse.  However it is one of the easiest way.  Especially for a newbie coming to terms with the concepts, the steps, the interface, the terminology.

Index of Newbie Tutorial Topics

We will be covering:

  1. GetResponse Tutorial – Overview and Intro
  2. About GetResponse Campaigns: What is a campaign and useful facts
  3. How to create a campaign
    1. – welcome email
    2. – opt-in confirmation email
  4. How to add contacts or existing subscribers
  5. How to create automated newsletter of your blog postings (RSS-to-Email)
  6. How to create sign up web forms

Video Overview Tour of GetResponse

To get more of an idea, you can watch this short GetResponse video:

Next (part 2): Quick Facts About GetResponse Campaigns

Now that you have an overview of this GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies, in our next topic, we will be getting our head around what is a campaign generally and some need-to-know facts about GetResponse Campaigns.

Reference for those who need more:

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  1. Hi Helena,

    Thank you for this tutorial! I found it very useful. I just signed up with getresponse.


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