WiFi Extender Repeater Booster – Netgear WN3000RP

How to set up NetGearWN2000RP – Wifi Extender Repeater Booster.

NetGear WN3000RP – WiFi extender

After changing to NBN, our internet connection has not improved.  In fact, the reverse.  It is often slow and sometimes, it is not even there!  It also seems, for some reason, that the WiFi network in the house is weaker – so the computer that is further from the modem is having slower and slower connections.  So slow and poor that at times, pages do not load at all.

So I thought I would have to try a WiFi repeater to boost the WiFi signal.  And search as I did, I could not find a consistent explanation on the differences between a WiFi repeater, booster, extender, etc.  So for my purposes, I will treat them as identical here.

I am just going to provide a link to a page that I found the most helpful in helping me setup the NetGear device.  (I bought a used one from Ebay.  There was no manual.  Only a sheet of instructions that was not very helpful nor clear.)

This page How to setup your NETGEAR WN3500RP / WN2500RPv2 Wi-Fi Range Extender (kb.netgear.com) was what I used to help me with the set up.


Sorry I didn’t do a full screen-capture walk through.  You know how it is: too anxious, too eager!  Hope the link to the help page helps!



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