PayPal and ebay are splitting up

PayPal and eBay split

PayPal and eBay split

I just found out that PayPal and ebay are going their separate ways.  I can’t help having a wry smile on my face, remembering how the behemoth ebay tried to ram PayPal as the only payment option in eBay and created a justifiable furore over it.

There seem to be a few major factors that have brought about this split.  No small matter is the introduction of a new competent competitor: Apple Pay.

You can find some of the main reasons for the PayPal/ebay split here:

As for Apple Pay, I am not sure what the uptake will be here in Australia.  (Sometimes we just seem to be that much slower than America 🙁 )  Apparently we can use Apple Pay on our iPhones and iPads.



Well, the first thought is that Apple would have named their new financial payment system as iPay.  But then again, on second thoughts, I guess that would have been a very non-attractive name!! 😉
Any thoughts?


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