Free Knitting Fonts for Mac


I needed to digitally graph some knit patterns and I was sick of doing it by hand. So I found some great knitting fonts. I originally started looking for knitting software. But the learning curve just seemed too steep. Especially when I wanted to start knitting asap. Then I came across the fact that there […]


Blogsy won’t open on iPad

Blogsy for iPad

How to solve when Blogsy won’t open on iPad I bought Blogsy app for my ipad many moons ago.  But since then, I have put off having to read the how-to and have been swept away by the detritus of life’s happenings. Today when I tried to open my Blogsy on iPad, it opened. For […]


LaCie Drive, Mac Backup – Steps + Review

LaCie Porsche Drive

I just bought a Lacie external drive for my Mac backups. If you have or are going to get a Lacie external drive, or even something similar, this article might be of use to you. I will go through some of the precautions, tips, and steps to easily set up your (Lacie) external drive for […]


Time Machine Backup – Simple How To


We are going to show you how to do a simple Apple Time Machine Backup. You ignore it.  But it worries you, doesn’t it?  When you know you don’t do backups and are resting on the precarious chance that nothing will go wrong and you won’t lose all of your irreplaceable data.


What is the Apple Time Machine

Apple Time Machine

You have had your Mac for a while but still have no idea what the Apple Time Machine is?  Me too, until recently.  Here is a quick short primer on what is the Apple Time Machine and how to use it.


How to Make Movies on Mac

How to make Movies On Mac

This is about how to make movies on Mac, e.g. from photos or images you have.  Brief notes to be sure but I hope it will be as useful to you as it has been for me. This is another area where Apple Mac is nowhere near as intuitively easy as Apple’s reputation has led […]