WiFi Extender Repeater Booster – Netgear WN3000RP

How to set up NetGearWN2000RP – Wifi Extender Repeater Booster.

Private Page/Post, How To in WordPress

The aim here is to make a WordPress post or page private. (Not the whole site. To make the whole site private, see link below.)  That means no one can see it, even if they know the URL. Actually I want to make all the pages/posts within a category to be private.  So let’s go […]

How to find Users Library folder on Mac

Short Tutorial on how to find Users Library on Mac There will be times when you need to find the Users Library folder on Mac.  But Apple has hidden this for safety reasons (in case you accidentally delete something).  So how do you find the Users Library folder? By the Users Library, I mean this […]

Setting Default App on Mac

If you want a specific app to open certain file types rather than the default app, then”How to set default apps on Mac” is how you do it. Note: it looks like you have to choose each file type separately.  There is no way to choose the desired app and specify which file types it […]

How to view .abr brush files on Mac – BrushView QuickLook plugin

.abr files are brush files used in Photoshop and Gimp.  However there is no generic default software to view what the brushes look like in an .abr file.  You can find and download many free brushes for Photoshop or Gimp.  These are often encapsulated in .abr file types. However over time, it is usually not […]

MailChimp Featured Image Not Working in RSS Newsletter

MailChimp Featured Image Not Working in RSS Newsletter: There is a featured image problem with MailChimp RSS Newsletter.  In short, their RSS Image Merge tag *|RSSITEM:IMAGE|* does not pull in the required featured image from the blog posts.

GetResponse – Export List of Subscribers

GetResponse – How to Export List of Subscribers: I find GetResponse user interface confusing. Even after all this time. So this short tutorial shows how to find your relevant list of subscribers and how to export them into a .csv file. Note: GR calls your subscribers “contacts”.