How to Make Movies on Mac

How to make Movies On Mac

How to make Movies On Mac

This is about how to make movies on Mac, e.g. from photos or images you have.  Brief notes to be sure but I hope it will be as useful to you as it has been for me.

This is another area where Apple Mac is nowhere near as intuitively easy as Apple’s reputation has led me to believe.

Below are a few workable, easy solutions I have found on how to makes movies on Mac.  Included in these set of notes are also how to easily upload and/or share the movie on YouTube once the movie has been created.

FYI: At the time of this writing, I am using MacBook Pro, OS X Version 10.8.5

How to Make Movies on Mac with Photo Booth

Photo Booth app on Mac

Photo Booth app on Mac

The app Photo Booth is an app that comes with the Mac. Photo Booth is normally found in the bottom dock. However you can also do a quick spotlight search for it:(Command+Spacebar).

Note: As the Photo Booth is easy to use and intuitive, I have no additional notes to add on how to make movies on Mac with the Photo Booth.

Once you have made your movie, save it.  From memory, I believe it can only be saved as a .mov file. To save:

File >> Export to … >> [choose location/folder you want it to on your local computer]
Finder on Apple Mac


Thereafter you should also be able to locate your .mov file via Finder.

How to Make Movies on Mac with QuickTime Player

Open QuickTime Player >> File >> New Movie Recording

Note: you can use Command+Spacebar to find the QuickTime Player

Note: As before, I will not go into the specifics on how to use the QuickTime Player to make movies. Rather I will assume that you will easily figure that out yourself.

After recording, save:

File >> Export to … >> [choose location where you want to save it to]

Thereafter, you should be able to locate your saved .mov movie via Finder.

Upload Movie to YouTube

Go to where you have saved your movies (.mov) >> Open with QuickTime Player >> File >> Share >> YouTube

Alternatively, log into your YouTube account and upload the .mov from there.


Adjusting Settings of Movie using iPhoto

If you want to make adjustments to your .mov (e.g. modify the screen, file size, audio, etc.) before uploading to YouTube, you need to do that via iPhoto.

Locate your .mov via Finder >> right click >> open with … [choose iPhoto]
Once it is imported into iPhoto >. Add to Slideshow (bottom right) >> Export

You will need “Custom Export ..” to specify the settings you want.

Note: if using Photo Booth, you can also add the movie directly to iPhoto (rather than having to save to .mov file first).


Afterthought: I am sure that at some stage I will be modifying or adding to these notes if and when new need or info comes my way on how to make movies on Mac.



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