Google Keyword Tool – Gone!

A quick update that as of today, the unbelievably useful Google Keyword tool is now Gone.

Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by Keyword Planner.  I can’t really tell you how useful the new Keyword Planner is for planning keywords for your articles.  I only had a quick peek at it before the change became fait accompli and was suitably unimpressed.

Looks like the new Keyword Planner is aimed more towards advertisers (i.e you need an AdWords account).

“The external Keyword Tool is no longer available.  If you want to get keyword ideas using Keyword Planner, make use you login to your AdWords account.”

~ Google AdWords Support – Keyword Planner replaces Keyword Tool ~


So this is a sad day for those of us who have loved and used the Google Keyword Tool to research keywords.  Brushing aside my tears, I will now go and check out the new Keyword Planner and maybe even other free keyword tools.


Feel free to share your sorrow and/or joy at this latest Google change. Your tips would also be greatly appreciated.


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