Recommended Links

Need I say more?  These recommended links are really recommended! They are as much for you as for me coz they are valuable!

Recommended links include links to useful IT & Web related sites as well as a Miscellaneous section that includes tangentially related sites like e-cards.

Note: All of the links on this page will open in a new window so you can keep your place on this page of helpful links.


Quick Index of Recommended Links


ARTICLES DIRECTORY – Submission/Free Content

  • – 188Articles
  • – AllBestArticles
  • – ArticleClick
  • – Article Dashboard (17/08/13 Discovery Note: can join but seems have to now pay a one-time fee of $47)
  • – ArticleGeek Free content as well as free article submission
  • – Article Hut Offers free article submission
  • – ArticlesBase “Free online articles directory”
  • – Articles @
  • – BuzzleDiscovered on 17/08/13, no longer accepting new submissions.
  • – Ezine Articles
  • –  GO Articles
  • – HubPages Can also include your blog’s RSS. More of a Content site.
  • – PodCast Directory Upload audio MP3s
  • – PodCastingNews Upload audio MP3s
  • – SlideShare Upload your PowerPoint
  • – Squidoo Can also include your blog’s RSS. More of a Content site.

AUTHORITY Sites & Sites of Interest



  • –   Color Scheme Designer – Fantastic online color chooser tool.  For web color scheme or artistic endeavours. Simple to use yet complex enough to give detailed useful variations. Highly recommended.



  • – JetSpinner Recommended by Richard Legg




HTML Resources

  • –  HTML Elements – really useful quick reference of all the HTML elements



  • – Ways To Avoid Scams Online Seems like a good place to turn to if in doubt about any online program.  The site owner seems willing to assist.



  • – Free E-Cards OnlineI have not used this site extensively but it does seem to have a big number of free e-cards. And we all know that there are occasions when having a selection of (free) e-cards is extremely useful.



  • – Feedage RSS Aggregators. Submit your RSS feed.
  • – FeedRaider RSS Aggregators. Submit your RSS feed.



  • – Bing Keyword Research (free tool.  You have to sign in to your Bing or Microsoft account to use)
  • – Google Keyword Planner (free tool.  But you need to have a (free) AdWords account to use it. Recommended tool. )
  • – SemRush free keyword tool (recommended but only a few free keyword searches per day. Otherwise it is pretty pricey: US$69.95 per month)
  • – SpyFu for Free SEM (Search Engine Marketers) tool, a PPC (Pay Per Click) analysis tool, giving estimates what people (competitors) are currently paying per click for various keywords and phrases
  • – How Many Backlinks Does it Take to Rand a New Website (Link Building Case Study)Interesting case study on 2 fairly young sites and their backlink strategies which helped them achieve significant organic traffic.
  • – UberSuggest (great to generate keyword alternatives whenever you need to create a list of possible keywords)



  • – All Facebook Emoticons A list of shortcodes for emoticons that can be used generally on Facebook
  • – SocialMarker A Social Bookmarking site
  • youTube MP3 – free online download. Quick and easy. Recommended.


TOP BLOGGERS (“Guru Sites”)


WEB DESIGN & Development



  • – CamStudio Free Streaming Video Software (PC only)



GENESIS by StudioPress

  • –  Code Snippets (listed by Brian Gardner)
  • –  Code Snippets (if you have bought from StudioPress) or you can also try this StudioPress code snippets page
  • –  StudioPress – the creators of the Genesis Framework  and StudioPress Theme (<= yes, yes!  Affiliate link. I love it unashamedly, so!).  This site runs on Genesis.
  • StudioPress.TV  (aff link) – watch step-by-step video tutorials on Genesis or even get latest videos delivered to your email address for free.