Crochet Chart Image and Software Bug

Crochet Chart Software in ver. 1.2 offers the feature of being able to insert a manipulable image into your crochet chart file.  However it is a bit buggy at the moment.  So this is a how-to to work around it.

This workaround tutorial assumes you already have some familiarity with the basics of working with Crochet Chart software.
crochet chart image 000

Crochet Chart software – working with images

The Bug

Ideally you want to employ layers, place the image in a lower layer and your charted stitches on the layer above.

Bug1: However often when you insert an image, after a few seconds, you can no longer select of move them.  So you cannot select and delete either.

Bug 2: Even though the image started on the lower layer, soon you will find that that the image is no longer on the lower layer.  Nor on the upper layer.  Nor on any layer!  In fact, there is no way you can get rid of the image!  So when you go to print out your crochet chart, the image is also there. And you might not want that. I don’t.

Desired Goals

  1. to be able to insert an image that you can select and manipulate (scale, move)
  2. to place that image on a lower layer so that your crochet charted stitches are on top
  3. to be able to hide the lower layer (image layer) so you can print out without the image muddying your charted stitches

Crochet Chart Image Work Around

There is no logic to this work around.  However if you follow this sequence of steps, it will help you get around the image bug.

Image Preparation – Tip

crochet chart image 003

prepare your image – make it lighter

Crochet Chart software does not offer the ability to make your image lighter (less opacity).  If your image has solid strong colours, it will be very hard to see your charted crochet stitches.  So it is a good idea to decrease the opacity of your image in another application (I used Gimp) and the insert then lighter image into your Crochet Chart file.

In this illustrative example, I will be using a number of rows in sc (single crochet) and putting a color image behind so that I can “paint” the charted sc.


Open a new file and created the rows desired.

workaround crochet chart images bug

Create new ‘row’ file with desired number of stitches and rows

Tip: zoom out so that you can see all your stitches

crochet chart image 002

Zoom out

Select all your stitches and group them (Stitches > Group).

Then copy and paste.  You will end up with 2 grouped sets of stitches.

Move and scale down one of them and place it up in the corner (or anywhere, so it is out of the way).

Move the other one (which is the one you will be working with later) into the center of page (so that it is easier to work with).

crochet chart image 004

Move grouped stitches

Add a new layer for the image.  (Crochet Chart software puts new layers below existing layers).

You can rename the layers to make it easier to identify them.

crochet chart image 005

Added new layer. Renamed layers.

Make sure you are on the “image” layer, insert your (lighter) image.

Edit > Insert > (select your image)

Even now, there may still be a software bug.  Because the image you inserted may have landed up on the first (“stitches”) layer.  Which is what you don’t want.

To check: hide and unhide each layer alternatively to see which layer the image is on.

Mine ended up on the “stitches” layer. 🙁

Select the image and cut it. (Edit > Cut)

Go to “image” layer and paste it there. (Edit > Paste)

Check that it is on the “image” layer by hiding that layer.  If image disappears, then that is correct.  Unhide the layer.  Select the inserted image again.  Copy & Paste.

Now you have 2 images on the “image” layer.

Move one out of the way.  Scale down if necessary.

Move other image behind your stitches.  Scale so that it fits.

You will be using this image as guide to “paint” your stitches.

Your file should look something like this:

crochet chart image 006

At this stage, you should be able to hide/unhide the images/stitch layers.  You should be able to select  any of the images or groups of stitches.

Note: you need to ungroup the (center) stitch before you can work on the individual stitches.

I hope this has proved useful to Crochet Chart users. Please feel free to leave me a comment or tip. Or sign up for my free email. (Note I am an infrequent blogger so you can rest assured you will not be inundated by my updates!!) You can also see some of the items I have created using Crochet Chart software over at my other site: ClearlyHelena blog and store.


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