Blogsy won’t open on iPad

How to solve when Blogsy won’t open on iPad

Blogsy for iPad

Blogsy for iPad

I bought Blogsy app for my ipad many moons ago.  But since then, I have put off having to read the how-to and have been swept away by the detritus of life’s happenings.

Today when I tried to open my Blogsy on iPad, it opened. For about a second. Then closed. Tried again and again. Same result.

Tried Google but could not find a listing for similar problem.  So this is my solution and I hope it works for you.

Sorry I can’t show all the steps via screen shots because my “Blogsy won’t open” problem has now been solved.

Steps to solve Blogsy won’t open on iPad problem

App Store icon on iPadOn iPad, open App Store app.

Since I bought Blogsy, it should be recorded under “Purchased” (a header in the bottom row).

locate Blogsy in your App Store

locate Blogsy in your App Store

Find the Blogsy app. If its button does not read “Open”, then click whatever that button is and let iPad do whatever it has to till you get the “Open” button.  Once you have that, click “Open”. From then on, Blogsy should be working as per normal.  It does for me. Good luck.


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