Free Google Keyword Tool – 3 easy steps to Keyword Planner

It is sad that the Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by Google Planner.  But after a bit of research, the new Google Planner is still very handy. And easier to use than I thought.  And it is still a FREE Google Keyword Tool. Instead of sadly lingering over the demise of the old Keyword […]

Another Alternative to Google Keyword Tool

On 29 Aug, 2013 I mentioned in 3 Alternatives Google Keyword Tool that Google’s wonderful free keyword tool had gone kaput – no longer available. And I suggested 3 alternative (free) tools (SemRush Keyword Tool, Bing Keyword Research, and UberSuggest Keyword Suggestion Tool). Well it has just come to my notice that the reputed WordTracker now offers a […]

Google Keyword Tool – Gone!

A quick update that as of today, the unbelievably useful Google Keyword tool is now Gone. Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by Keyword Planner.  I can’t really tell you how useful the new Keyword Planner is for planning keywords for your articles.  I only had a quick peek at it before the change became […]