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What is WordPress Portfolio and How to Use it?

To use the Portfolio feature, you first need to enable it.

Settings >> Writing >> Your Custom Content Types >> (tick) Enable Portfolio Projects for this site >> Save Changes
Where to enable WordPress Projects

Where to enable WordPress Projects


Once it is enabled, you will see the Portfolio added as an item in the left-hand menu.

Portfolio added to WordPress menu

Portfolio added to WordPress menu

You can immediately see from the Portfolio sub-menu that it looks very similar to how you might add new Pages or Posts. For Portfolio, you will be creating new Projects.  Projects are similar to Pages or Posts.


Just like Pages and Posts can be assigned to Categories, Portfolio can be assigned to Project Types.  And you can also assign Project Tags to Projects.

Conclusion: WordPress Portfolio Not Useful

I played around with WordPress Portfolio but I didn’t find it particularly useful.  Hence I am not bothering to write up a detailed how-to tutorial on WordPress Portfolio.  It is all very simplistic but not the most intuitive.  And the output layout – well, there is nothing special.

You can refer to the reference section below.  There are some useful articles and videos for anyone interested to give this a go and want to set up their WordPress Portfolio.






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