Where is WordPress head section

There are quite a few occasions when you might need to put script, code, or other meta tags in to the head section within your WordPress install.  In standard html page, we normally know this as the <head> .. </head> section.

The <head> section is where we might put Goggle tracking code, or link to a customized stylesheet, or maybe even to run a JS (JavaScript) script.

So where the heck is it in WordPress?

WordPress head section is not as obvious nor as easy to find as one might like.

Where is WordPress Head in Genesis Themes?

I am only dealing with the Genesis parent theme and associated Genesis Child theme here. (Sorry to everyone else.  Still you never know, the following might give you a clue to the solution you seek).

Genesis themes are my chosen choice of WordPress themes.  Because they are so highly reviewed and used by top bloggers.  And because they have proved to be so versatile, strong and stable.  With a lifetime guarantee of use.

You think I am digressing?  This is another reason why Genesis framework/theme has been so useful to me.  Within Genesis, it is easy to find the WordPress head.

If you are using the Genesis Framework (aka, parent theme), then:

Log into your WP admin >> Genesis >> Theme Settings

Scroll down towards end of page. There you will see 2 boxes.


WordPress Head section with Genesis Theme


These are specifically designed for scripts, meta-tags, and tracking code when you need to have them either in the <head> section or just before </body> (i.e. just before the body tag closes).

Plugin Alternative

If for whatever reason the above does not work for you, then a plugin might be the way to go.  Again, we are still only dealing with Genesis theme and related child theme.

The free plugin is call Genesis Simple Hooks plugin (by Nathan Rice & Studio Press).

You can find the simple instructions here for Genesis Simple Hooks plugin.




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