SEO: Image Alt Text vs Title

Are you losing traffic via your Image alt & title attributes? What are they? What is the difference between Image Alt Text vs Title? You may not care but Google does!

301 Redirect to Preferred Domain in WordPress

301 Redirect is super easy in WordPress! This is sometimes referred to as a server-side redirect.  Use the 301 to set up a permanent redirection. The 301 code means that a domain or page(s) has permanently moved to a new location. The 301 redirection automatically notifies your visitors’ browsers to update their affected bookmarks.  It […]

Preferred Domain and 301 Redirect

If you don’t set your Preferred Domain, you could be falsely lowering your pages PR (Page Rank) status.   How do you know if you have set your Preferred Domain? If you can reach your website (or a page on your site) using either the www or the non-www version AND the destination page (in […]