Google Fonts – How to Use

Of course I knew about Google Fonts.  But that was all I knew: about!  Now is the time to learn how to use them.  Because right now Google has over 676 font families.  They are FREE! And they are BEAUTIFUL!! You can check them out at GoogleFonts. I didn’t try Google Fonts out before because: I thought it would […]

Where is WordPress head section

There are quite a few occasions when you might need to put script, code, or other meta tags in to the head section within your WordPress install.  In standard html page, we normally know this as the <head> .. </head> section. The <head> section is where we might put Goggle tracking code, or link to […]

WordPress Theme can affect Plugins Needed

Yesterday I spent the whole day looking into my best choice for WordPress Theme.  Specifically Genesis framework and child themes.  Why did I do that and how important is it anyway to have the right WordPress theme? Originally I was using the free WordPress theme IconicOne.  And everything looked pretty good.  So why change to a […]