How to Create Facebook Page

It is easy to forget how to create a facebook page. I have a few facebook pages. But created a long time ago. This is a quick short refresher only. A tip as to where to start. Thereafter, I am sure you can figure it out. Anywhere within your FB >> top right >> drop […]

Facebook Page Tab: How to add

How to add a Facebook Page Tab to your facebook page?  On the top of your facebook page (under the header) are a number of tabs which makes navigation easy for visitors to your page.  If you wanted a facebook page tab that links to your blog or to your online store, this is a […]

Facebook Shop Now call to action: How to Add

Do you have an online store and would like to have a call to action like “Shop Now” at the top of your Facebook page? Then let’s do it! Go to your Facebook page.  Note that not every facebook page seems to have the same feature. But if you do, then this is what you […]