Related Posts plugin (Jetpack) for WordPress

Related Posts plugin from Jetpack

Related Posts plugin from Jetpack

Having related posts show up at the bottom of your posts is said to help increase traffic.  So it is time I did something about this.  Instead of installing yet another plugin, I will just use Jetpack plugin which I already have.  So if you have the same, then let’s do it!

Related Post via JetPack plugin

Log into your WordPress (WP) admin >> Jetpack
WordPress JetPack link in navigation bar

JetPack link in navigation bar

You may have to scroll down on the page that appears and click the see other jetpack features button.

click to see more Jetpack features

click to see more Jetpack features

Scroll down the list of features till your find “Related Posts”.  If not already activated, click on the Activate link.

activate Related Posts feature in Jetpack plugin

activate Related Posts feature in Jetpack plugin

Customise Related Posts section

Once activated, head on over to:

WP Admin >> Settings >> Reading

Scroll down to Related Posts section.  Tick/untick check boxes to customise how you want your Related Posts section to look like.  There is even a preview to guide you.

Save Changes when done.

customise Related Posts section, Jetpack for WordPress

customise Related Posts section

When you look at any of your posts now, the Related Posts section will automatically be included at the bottom of each post.

Additional Notes on Related Posts plugin/feature

  • It requires 10 or more published posts for it to work.
  • The thumbnail sizes (350x200px) cannot be changed
  • It will normally use the post’s featured image.  If there is no featured image, it will use the first image in the post.


I like the Related Post feature from Jetpack plugin.  It is very easy to setup and customize. Hardly any work at all. And the contextual selection is automatic.  Plus if you already have the Jetpack plugin, then you don’t need to be installing yet another plugin that has to be updated and maintained all the time.




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