SEO your Images!

How to SEO your Images In my previous article, SEO: Image Alt Text vs Title, Lumpy Dog and I tried to get through the message that your images’ alt text are important to you. Together with the image title.  But the former more than the latter. Don’t throw away your images’ SEO power! The question […]

SEO: Image Alt Text vs Title

Are you losing traffic via your Image alt & title attributes? What are they? What is the difference between Image Alt Text vs Title? You may not care but Google does!

Tips to Protect WordPress Installation

I just came across Matt Cutts’s Three tips to protect your WordPress installation.  So I thought I  had better look into it.  Admittedly the article was written in 2008 but being Matt Cutts, the safety information might still be useful. And needful. How to Protect WordPress Installation

WordPress Maintenance Mode

I have been working on changing themes over at my ClearlyHelena site, and I never knew about WordPress maintenance mode.  Duh! Being able to put your WP (WordPress) site into maintenance mode when you are changing themes, doing major upgrades, or for any other reason where you might not want the public to access your […]

Google Fonts – How to Use

Of course I knew about Google Fonts.  But that was all I knew: about!  Now is the time to learn how to use them.  Because right now Google has over 676 font families.  They are FREE! And they are BEAUTIFUL!! You can check them out at GoogleFonts. I didn’t try Google Fonts out before because: I thought it would […]

Force CSS Reload

Finally, after a whole night of searching, I have found an easy way to force CSS reload to happen.  Yay! The very easiest solution I found (and not a drop of code) was to get an extension for my browser (Chrome).  I am sure there must be something similar for Safari or Firefox, but I […]

Where is WordPress head section

There are quite a few occasions when you might need to put script, code, or other meta tags in to the head section within your WordPress install.  In standard html page, we normally know this as the <head> .. </head> section. The <head> section is where we might put Goggle tracking code, or link to […]

Where is WordPress Post ID?

There are times when you need to know a WordPress post id. For example, some of the plugins may ask for that so that you can include or exclude certain posts for specific behaviours. So where is the WordPress post id? The easiest way to find it is: Log into your WP (WordPress) admin area […]

How to Change WordPress Admin Password

The quickest, easiest way to change your WordPress Admin password it to: Log in to your WordPress admin area. Go to: Users >> Your Profile >> [specify your new password] >> Update Profile You will need to scroll more than half-way down the page to get to the password area.