WP Super Cache Settings

WP Super Cache plugin comes highly recommended but unfortunately the WP Super Cache Settings are not always straightforward. I shall not go into the technical details of what a cache plugin does for your WordPress site.  (Honestly, I couldn’t get into the technical details even if I wanted to!)  Sufficient for our purposes to say that […]


My mini bloglovin post today is short and sweet.  As part of verifying this here is truly my blog, (and ahem, to tell you to love blogloving and follow me with Bloglovin) – I have to show you this link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin as part of the verification process. “What is Bloglovin you say?” I […]

External links in new window or not?

I had no idea that there were such strong feelings over this seemingly innocuous topic of whether to open external links in new window (or tab). This controversy was brought to my attention by Abbey Wilkins of Pretty Good Design.  (Thanks Abbey!) Since then I have read a number of articles on this topic (some […]

LOVE Genesis Themes for WordPress

Right off the bat, I declare my love for Genesis and I boastfully declare that the Genesis links below are affiliate links. It doesn’t mean I love Genesis because I am an affiliate but rather I love Genesis Themes so much, I HAD to be come an affiliate.   Did you hear me?  LUUUURVE Genesis Themes […]

Change WordPress Avatar or Gravatar

“How do I change WordPress Avatar?” was the question that popped out of my mouth this morning when I saw myself as the mysterious “Mystery Man”! As a brilliant start to my day, I received comments on this new baby site for Genesis WordPress Theme – why preferred!  And of course I just had to […]

Comment Author link to Open in New Window

Comment Author link in WordPress, by default, opens up in the SAME WINDOW.  That is such a No-No!  Your visitors leave your site as soon as they click the Comment Author’s link! This was brought to my attention when I received my first (lovely) comment from Jupiter Jim on my 10-day old site, right here. […]

Jetpack Plugin by WordPress.com – Setup

You may be wondering if you should even install the Jetpack Plugin by WordPress.com. I did mention in my article “WordPress Theme can affect Plugins Needed” that there are strong voices out in the WordPress world who would advise against the use of this otherwise seemingly wonderful Jetpack plugin.  I myself was iffy for a […]

WordPress SEO Settings and Configuration

WordPress SEO Settings for Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin is something that takes quite a while to figure out.  This plugin is one of the most well known, most respected, most used WordPress plugins  in the WP (WordPress) community.  That being said, you would think that the author (Joost de Valk) from Yoast.com or someone else […]

WordPress User Registration – How to Disable

I have been getting random (and suspicious) WordPress User Registration.  When that happens, you will get an email notifying you.  It is sent to your email address as specified in your site’s WordPress installation.  The subject line will be something like “[your WordPress domain name] New User Registration”. When I first noticed this, I was […]

Genesis WordPress Theme – why preferred

Genesis WordPress Theme is one of the top two premium themes for WordPress.  The other is Thesis.  In WordPress Theme can affect Plugins Needed, I explained how a theme can help me  minimize the number of plugins I need. I thought one day I would be choosing Genesis WordPress Theme or Thesis.  However the day came sooner […]