GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies #4: Add Contacts to GetResponse

Add Contacts to GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 4

Add Contacts to GetResponse Tutorial for Newbies Part 4

In the part 3 of our GetResponse tutorial, we covered how to create a GetReponse campaign.  Here, if you have any existing contacts or subscriber list that is specific to the campaign you are working on (e.g. you have just changed from another autoresponder system to GetResponse), then you can easily add contacts to GetResponse now.

There are 4 ways that you can add contacts (aka subscribers) to your campaign:

  1. you manually Add Contacts (maximum of 50 per day)
  2. you Import Contacts
    1. from another system (e.g. Magento,, Google docs, etc.)
    2. from a file (.csv, .txt, .vcf, .xls, .xlsx, .ods)
  3. Copy Contacts (from one campaign to another)

Note: “Contacts” here mean the same as “subscribers”.

No matter which way you acquire your contacts, you must have permission from the recipient to be able to send them any types of mailings. Not doing so will invariably lead to spam complaints and undeliverable emails.  GetResponse (GR) strictly prohibits non-permission list of contacts which can result in your GR account being closed.

Add Contacts to GetResponse via Import

GetResponse-How to add contacts

GetResponse-How to add contacts

In this GetResponse tutorial, I will be illustrating how to add contacts to GetResponse via importing them from a (.csv) file. But a few things you should know before you import a contacts file:

  • advisable to do this about 2 days before you intent to send out your newsletter (to this campaign’s subscribers) because ..
  • apparently your imported list will have to be approved by GetResponse compliance team before it is actually added to your subscriber list (even if it shows you have successfully imported them at the end of this exercise)
  • GR says that it will take a maximum of 2 days for this approval

As “Add Contact” (manually) and “Copy Contacts” are pretty straight forward methods, we will only cover how to Import Contacts into our campaign “netwebbing_updates1(following on from our example from previous Get Response Tutorial for Newbies).

For instance, I used to use AWeber autoresponder. My subscribers there are less than 2 months old – so I know they are current. AND they have already double opt-in to my “NetWebbing Updates” campaign (or mailing list).

GetResponse - Import Contacts

GetResponse – Import Contacts

I just downloaded that contacts list into a .csv file and now I will import it into my GetResponse (GR) contacts list, specifically for the aforementioned campaign.

Go to menu bar at top >> hover over Contacts >> Import Contacts


In the next screen:

click Upload File >> Choose File (from where you have saved the file to be imported) >> Import Contacts
Get Response- Upload Contact File

GetResponse Upload Contact File

In the next screen, just select the fields you want to import.  Email address and Name are the two most important fields.

Then follow the on-screen instructions.

GetResponse - Complete Import Contacts

GetResponse – Complete Import Contacts

Select Campaign: check you are importing into correct campaign.

Confirmed Opt-in: Leave as Off

SideNote: The “Confirmed Opt-in” is usually OFF when importing contacts. Just as in my case, your list would also most likely consist of current, opted-in subscribers to your specific campaign or mailing list. If you make them opt-in once again, it is likely you might lose some of them.  They either might miss the confirmation email that will ask them again to opt-in or they may just not bother if they feel annoyed to have to opt-in once again.

Next, you will most likely see a Success screen which also summaries how many updates or new contacts you have imported.

GetResponse - Contacts Imported Successfully

GetResponse – Contacts Imported Successfully

Next (part 5): Create RSS-to-Email Newsletter

Now that we have covered how to add contacts to GetResponse campaign, we will next move on to how to create a RSS-to-Email newsletter. Before we do, you might choose to have a watch of the following GR video on “How can I import my list into GetResponse?”

Index of Newbie Tutorial Topics

  1. GetResponse Tutorial – Overview and Intro
  2. About GetResponse Campaigns: What is a campaign and useful facts
  3. How to create a campaign
    1. – welcome email
    2. – opt-in confirmation email
  4. How to add contacts or existing subscribers
  5. How to create automated newsletter of your blog postings (RSS-to-Email)
  6. How to create sign up web forms

Reference for those who need more:


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