iPad ios7 Problems

After I (stupidly) updated my iPad to ios7, I panicked.  Then I smacked myself.

It seems that there are all kinds of tears and woes since Apple’s ios7 has been released.  I know there are many more problems and bugs, but the ones I have come across thus far, specifically with regards to my iPad ios7 are:

  • the less than attractive look and feel of some of the ipad interface after ios7
  • Kindle app losing all its books
  • problem in using video within the standard camera app

The Many Woes of Apples Latest and Not Best ios7

One can no longer trust Apple as much as when Steve Jobs was still around.  That decline was something I always thought would happen.  And it seems to be coming to pass based on my recent experience and from the number of Apple related complaints sprouting angrily on the net and the social networks after the introduction of their latest operating system ios7.

My iPad ios7 Woes

Admittedly I only have an iPad 2 and no longer have unwavering belief in Apple, but I still clicked the update (to ios 7.0) without a single piece of research and without a morsel of fear.

And then, after a loooooog period when I thought the upgrade had killed my ipad, I panicked.  The upgrade took forever.  Half an hour later, with maximum internet signal, it still had not finished its upgrade.  The upgrade bar seemed to crawl.  But it could have just been my hopeful imagination.  Maybe it was just dead!

Anyway, long story short – it worked again.  But it sure didn’t look any better.

iPad Home Screen Looks Uglier with ios7

This pic is an example of what the ipad used to look like before the upgrade to ios7.  Note especially the “folder icons”.

ipad Home Screen before ios7

ipad Home Screen before ios7

After upgrading to ios7, this is what my ipad home screen looks like. (Ignore the change in wallpaper as they are different and cannot be compared).  Note the ugly looking, gray “folder icons”

Ugly icons after ios7

Ugly icons after ios7

So, “not happy Jan“. But I knew, as I started using my ipad after ios7, I would find more glitches and maybe, more uglies.

Loss of Kindle books

I use Kindle app on my ipad every single day.  I have hundreds of new and unread books at any one time.

Imagine my dismay when I settled down for a relaxing read. For each and every book I tried to read, I was told that (with the new ios7) it had encountered an error and the book(s) could not be retrieved. It suggested I delete and download (each and every) book again!  Or if that failed, to completely de-register my device. What?  Deregister my whole ipad?  I didn’t even want to think of what other changes and/or re-install I had to do – apart from all the books that I had to re-download.

Urrgh.  Doubly Unhappy.
That was yesterday.

Latest upset – Video Not Working

When I looked at my camera today, I noticed the video (part of the standard camera app) did not seem to work.  I kept touching and touching the video icon but instead of activating the video, it remained stubbornly on the camera icon.  I even tried getting someone else to touch and activate the video icon because there was a remote chance that my finger was not registering.

Nope. No luck.  So I commenced a Google-please-help search.  And saw that many complaints against the ios7 had already been lodged.  Not just in regards to the ipad but also with regards to the iphone.

So do NOT upgrade to ios7 until these rash of glitches and bugs have been rectified!!!

The standard ipad camera interface had also changed.  I don’t have a screenshot of the ipad’s camera interface before ios7 but this below is what it now looks like.

iPad Camera interface after ios7

iPad Camera interface after ios7

Now, if you think that Apple would stick to user-friendly, intuitive gestures that we have all gotten used to, think again.

I didn’t find an answer on the internet as to how to fix my non-working video.  I clicked here and clicked there on my iPad ios7, but to no avail.  In my frustration, I started doing random finger movements – and accidentally found the answer.

Solution to a Seemingly Non-Working Video on iPad

To change between camera functionality, video, or the new “square” .. you need to “pull” or slide your finger up or down the icon (interface) bar.

You might intelligently think that it would be as intuitive as pressing the video icon.  Uh-uh. User-friendliness and intuitive interfaces might now have taken a back seat at the Apples headquarters.

How to use ipad video after ios7

How to use ipad video after ios7

So that is how I found the answer to the non-working iPad video.

Are there more iPad ios7 glitches?

An educated guess: YES!  I am sure that iPad ios7 (and of course, iPhone with ios7) will have lots more bugs and glitches yet to be reported.

But that is all I have for you right now.  As I come across new ones (and find answers), I might do another post.

I am sure I am not the only one who misses the quality and top user-friendliness that Steve Jobs insisted on all Apple products.  Sure, no device or software can be totally perfect.  But I do see this latest rash of poor performance as part and parcel of the expected decline in Apple quality now that Steve is no longer at the helm.

We miss you Steve!


iPad ios7 Problems without Steve

iPad ios7 Problems without Steve


Your own iPad ios7 or iPhone ios7 Horror Stories?

Have you encountered any disappointments and problems with the newest Apple operating system, ios7?  Even if it is not specific to iPad ios7?  Did you find solutions?  Have your feelings towards Apple changed since the passing of Steve Jobs and the rise and rise of competitors like Samsung?

Please feel free to have your say in the comments below. Or Like/Share this post around if you have found this useful.


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