Facebook Shop Now call to action: How to Add

Do you have an online store and would like to have a call to action like “Shop Now” at the top of your Facebook page? Then let’s do it!

Go to your Facebook page.  Note that not every facebook page seems to have the same feature. But if you do, then this is what you will see:  “Create Call to Action” button in your header.

Facebook: Call to action button

Facebook: Call to action button

When you click on the “Create Call to Action” button, a pop-up window will appear.

There are various calls-to-action you can choose from when you click the down-arrow in the Choose a Button field.

choosing call to action button for facebook

Choose which Call To Action button you want

For this exercise, we choose Facebook Shop Now.

Next, enter the URL to your online store.  This can be link to your own website, your Etsy store, or any other link pointing to your store.

Facebook Shop Now URL to store

enter URL to your online store

Then click the Next button.  In the next screens, you will choose where to send people who are using mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android. You can choose to send them directly to your website store or to an app, if you have one.

And that’s it.  You will be back on your Facebook page where you will now see the “Shop Now” button in your page’s header.

Facebook Shop Now button

Facebook Shop Now button

Visitors to your Facebook page be taken directly to your online store (as specified in the URL you entered above) when they click the Shop Now button.

You, as owner/editor of your page, will have additional options of going directly to the specified link, view insights (how many people have used the link etc.), or editing/deleting the button.

additional options for Facebook Shop Now button

additional administrative options for Shop Now button

Now that was much easier and more painless than expected, wasn’t it? 😉

Note: this exercise demonstrates how to add a Call-to-Action button to the header of your facebook page.  If you would like to add a custom page tab, please refer to How to Add Facebook Page Tab.






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