Facebook Page Tab: How to add

How to install Facebook Page Tab

How to install Facebook Page Tab

How to add a Facebook Page Tab to your facebook page?  On the top of your facebook page (under the header) are a number of tabs which makes navigation easy for visitors to your page.  If you wanted a facebook page tab that links to your blog or to your online store, this is a how to on how to do just that.

I will be using the Woobox Custom Tab (facebook app).  You can use the link provided or you can do a search for “Woobox Custom Tab” in your facebook search box.

search facebook for custom tab

search facebook for custom tab


Once you have done your search, if you click your mouse in the search box again, you will see additional search options, namely “apps similar to woobox custom tab”.  Click on that to see a selection of other similar apps that you could use instead.

get other similar facebook apps for custom tab

get other similar apps for custom tab


How to Install Facebook Page Tab

Once you have searched for and/or found Woobox Custom Tab, click the “Install Page Tab” shown on the page.

to install Facebook Page Tab

click the Install Page Tab button

On the next screen use the drop-down arrow to choose your facebook page on which you would like to install the Facebook Page Tab.  Then click the “Add Page Tab” button.

facebook page tab - choose which page

choose your facebook page

You will then be returned to your Facebook page.  By default, a “Welcome” tab will now appear amongst your page tabs.  You can follow the on-screen instructions to configure the page tab to your satisfaction.

Facebook Page Tab - default is Welcome

The default Welcome tab which can be configured

If you are a first time user of this app, you may be asked to give permission to the app.  It is the normal routine.  Once you have given permission, you will be taken to your Woobox admin page where you can perform all kinds of administrative functions.

Let’s look at some of the basics to configure your new facebook page tab.

Configuring Facebook Page Tab (from Woobox)

In the Woobox admin page >> Tab Settings

You will be able to change the Tab Image as well as the Tab Name/label.

Facebook Page Tab: change image and tab name

Facebook Page Tab: change image and tab name


What happens when a visitor clicks on your page tab?

You can decide if you want to create content in Facebook itself (i.e. write up something using HTML), or Redirect users to a specific URL, or pull in content from a specific URL (which will be inserted in an iFrame and so visitor does not have to leave your Facebook page), or insert an Image.

To set up content for your Woobox Facebook Page Tab, go to Woobox admin >> Edit and then choose the content type for your Page Tab

determining content for Facebook Page Tab

determining content for Facebook Page Tab


To Change Settings of Facebook Page Tab

Once you have configured and set up your Page Tab, it will appear as one of the top tabs in your facebook page.


You can rearrange your page tabs via:

More (button) >> Manage tabs
manage facebook page tabs via the More button

manage facebook page tabs via the More button

You can edit the settings for your Woobox Page Tab at any time. To get back to the settings page for your Woobox Page Tab, just click on the page tab button.  (Here, I have renamed my Woobox Page Tab from the default “Welcome” to “Blog”..)  As the owner/administrator to your facebook page, you will see Admin Options.  Clicking on the Settings link will take to back to the full admin page for the Woobox Page Tab.  (Only the page’s owner/administrator will see this link.)

Go to settings to edit your Facebook Page Tab

Go to settings to edit your Facebook Page Tab

Add Another Page Tab

While in settings page, you can also add another page tab to your Facebook page. Just click the “Add Another HTML Fangate ..” link in the left navigation menu. The steps will be identical to how you added the first page tab, as per above.

Note that this exercise demonstrates how to add a custom Facebook Page Tab to any of your Facebook pages. The page tabs are located below your Facebook header and above your Timeline. If you would like to add a call to action button to the page header instead, please see Facebook Shop Now Call to Action which will illustrate the required steps.

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