eWay – Sorry but Recommended

I almost signed up with eWay.  I am sorry I won’t be.  But now that I have my current payment gateway up and running (2Checkout – Excellent Service) for my ClearlyHelena store, I won’t be needing another gateway.

However I would recommend eWay because even though I will not be signing up with them, I did learn a number of things along the way.  And I have been impressed.


eWay – Aussie online payment gateway

Why Consider eWay?

Reasons why you might want to consider eWay as your payment gateway:

  • they have a very good reputation
  • they are Australian owned and based. (This matters to many. It may matter to you.)
  • they contacted me personally. Via the phone.  Multiple times. Friendly and efficient service.
  • their application process is mostly online and quite easy.

During my online application process, I learnt a number of things that I had not known and/or not taken care of before:

  • required legal pages: Store Policies that cover Payment, Shipping & Returns/Refunds

And that helped me do the requisite pages once and for all.

Some Things you Will need for a Successful eWay account

  • store policy pages (as mentioned above) on your site
  • ABN (Australian Business number) – and to have that displayed somewhere on your site
  • Business Bank account (personal bank account will be insufficient)

The business bank account will cost you money. (Charged by your bank of choice).)  So if you are a very small business or just starting out, that may prove to be a deterrent.


I would still recommend any online business to give eWay a try.  Their fees are reasonable.  And most of all, there will be real, live people who you can interact with. Their service is quick, personal, and efficient.




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