1. Useful post. Especially the bit about making sure you don’t have other Gmail services connected to the email account. Its easy to miss that! You should also add a section about downloading your data using Google Takeout before one deletes their Gmail account. Always makes sense to have a copy of your own data with you.

    Do check out our product GrexIt ( when you have a coupe of mins. It lets you share Gmail labels which is great for delegating emails as tasks.

    • Helena Asmus Lim says:

      Hi Niraj, thank you for your comments on how to delete a gmail address. Yes you are right, definitely download data to save before deletion. I didn’t add it coz I saw the notice Google provides when one goes through the deletion process, so I thought people would be alerted to that anyway. Thank you for highlighting it.

      I did a check on Grexit. Thank you for the link. I especially like how you can add notes to be instantly shared with colleagues as well. Pretty cool product!

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