WordPress Post Formats

Since WordPress version 3.1, there have been new additional WordPress Post Formats – and I want them!  Some of the new post formats like “aside” and “quote” look really useful.  I can immediately think of uses for them. For instance, there are times when I just want to post a short update (similar to a short […]

Add Google Authorship to WordPress – 2 Simple Ways

Update:  On 28 August, 2014 – Google ended their Authorship program.  Don’t be too upset.  This afterall, is Google all over.  If you need more comfort than swearwords can give, have a read of “The Right Way to Think About Google” by Sonia Simone.   This fully illustrated step-by-step guide on how to add Google […]

Transfer Blogger to WordPress – made easy

I was looking for the easiest way to transfer Blogger to WordPress – and I have found it!  The method below is especially for someone who has A LOT of posts that they need to transfer. There are tons of articles on the internet, some of them are in the Reference section at the bottom […]

Genesis Custom Stylesheet – How to Add

How to add your own Genesis Custom Stylesheet Tip: you can go directly to the Summary steps on how to add Genesis Custom Stylesheet. When I say Genesis Custom Stylesheet, I specifically mean adding your own .css file to your Genesis child theme.As you know, Genesis Framework (theme) is the base or core theme which is […]

Genesis Favicon – How to Change

When I talk about the Genesis Favicon, I of course mean the favicon for the child theme. Genesis Framework is the parent or underlying base theme for WordPress.  Genesis themes are premium quality WordPress themes from StudioPress. Genesis Framework must work with a Genesis Child theme of your choice.  If you need to know more […]

WordPress Checklist and Housekeeping

This WordPress Checklist is to cover some of the other WordPress things you will want to take care off at some stage.  We all tend to add a plugin here, a widget there, an avatar, etc.  – all done as it occurs to us and over some period of time.  It can get a bit […]

WP Super Cache Settings

WP Super Cache plugin comes highly recommended but unfortunately the WP Super Cache Settings are not always straightforward. I shall not go into the technical details of what a cache plugin does for your WordPress site.  (Honestly, I couldn’t get into the technical details even if I wanted to!)  Sufficient for our purposes to say that […]

LOVE Genesis Themes for WordPress

Right off the bat, I declare my love for Genesis and I boastfully declare that the Genesis links below are affiliate links. It doesn’t mean I love Genesis because I am an affiliate but rather I love Genesis Themes so much, I HAD to be come an affiliate.   Did you hear me?  LUUUURVE Genesis Themes […]

Change WordPress Avatar or Gravatar

“How do I change WordPress Avatar?” was the question that popped out of my mouth this morning when I saw myself as the mysterious “Mystery Man”! As a brilliant start to my day, I received comments on this new baby site for Genesis WordPress Theme – why preferred!  And of course I just had to […]

Comment Author link to Open in New Window

Comment Author link in WordPress, by default, opens up in the SAME WINDOW.  That is such a No-No!  Your visitors leave your site as soon as they click the Comment Author’s link! This was brought to my attention when I received my first (lovely) comment from Jupiter Jim on my 10-day old site, right here. […]