Where is WordPress head section

There are quite a few occasions when you might need to put script, code, or other meta tags in to the head section within your WordPress install.  In standard html page, we normally know this as the <head> .. </head> section. The <head> section is where we might put Goggle tracking code, or link to […]

Where is WordPress Post ID?

There are times when you need to know a WordPress post id. For example, some of the plugins may ask for that so that you can include or exclude certain posts for specific behaviours. So where is the WordPress post id? The easiest way to find it is: Log into your WP (WordPress) admin area […]

How to Change WordPress Admin Password

The quickest, easiest way to change your WordPress Admin password it to: Log in to your WordPress admin area. Go to: Users >> Your Profile >> [specify your new password] >> Update Profile You will need to scroll more than half-way down the page to get to the password area.

WordPress Static Front Page vs Blog Posts

Static Front Page vs Blog Posts By default, WordPress will display blogs as the main (front/home) page for your site.  The latest, most recent blog post will be at the top.  So what do you do if you want to have a static front page (sometimes called Splash page) as the main front page and how do […]

WordPress Portfolio Projects

What is WordPress Portfolio and How to Use it? To use the Portfolio feature, you first need to enable it. Settings >> Writing >> Your Custom Content Types >> (tick) Enable Portfolio Projects for this site >> Save Changes  

How to Make WordPress Site Private

I am having some private thoughts so it got me asking: how do I make my WordPress site private? The preliminary questions are: Do you want to make your entire WordPress site private? or Do you only want to make specific pages/posts private? Let’s deal with this a step at a time. Note: This article […]

Easy Redirect from Blogger

There are quite a number of ways to import/export blog postings from Blogger to a new site. Each of them have their own pros and cons. However if you want to easily just redirect all visitors (no matter which page URL they go to) from your Blogger site to a new site/domain, then one of […]

WordPress Columns – How to with Genesis Theme

There are times when it is just handy to be able to easily create WordPress columns in your posts. And without having to resort to endless fiddling or using HTML to create tables (not preferred). This is where Genesis/StudioPress Themes for WordPress is so cool because it already comes pre-built with CSS Column Classes.  You […]

WordPress Post Format for Genesis

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to add additional WordPress Post Format if you are using StudioPress’s Genesis Framework and a child theme. We have already talked about what the new WordPress Post Formats are.   Genesis Framework is the premium (parent) theme  I use, together with a Genesis (from StudioPress) child theme of my choice. […]