SEO your Images!

How to SEO your Images In my previous article, SEO: Image Alt Text vs Title, Lumpy Dog and I tried to get through the message that your images’ alt text are important to you. Together with the image title.  But the former more than the latter. Don’t throw away your images’ SEO power! The question […]

How Quickly Google Keyword Planner Has Changed

It was only 2 days since I wrote “Free Google Keyword Tool – 3 easy steps to Keyword Planner” where I gave you some screenshots on a shortcut to using the new Google Keyword Planner Tool. (That article has now been updated with new screenshots). And in those 2 days, Google has changed that interface. […]

Check Website Rank: Alexa Rank or Google PR?

We all want to know how well our site is doing. The two most famous metrics are Alexa Rank and Google PR (Page Rank). But just reading those metrics can be confusing. What do those numbers mean? Which is more important? What is the difference between Alexa Rank vs Google PR? Which should you pay […]

Free Google Keyword Tool – 3 easy steps to Keyword Planner

It is sad that the Google Keyword Tool has been replaced by Google Planner.  But after a bit of research, the new Google Planner is still very handy. And easier to use than I thought.  And it is still a FREE Google Keyword Tool. Instead of sadly lingering over the demise of the old Keyword […]

Another Alternative to Google Keyword Tool

On 29 Aug, 2013 I mentioned in 3 Alternatives Google Keyword Tool that Google’s wonderful free keyword tool had gone kaput – no longer available. And I suggested 3 alternative (free) tools (SemRush Keyword Tool, Bing Keyword Research, and UberSuggest Keyword Suggestion Tool). Well it has just come to my notice that the reputed WordTracker now offers a […]

3 Alternatives to Google Keyword Tool

Yesterday I sadly announced that the useful free Google Keyword Tool is now no longer available.  I have been trying out their replacement “Keyword Planner” (you need an AdWords account for that).  But so far it is still a bit unsatisfactory. So I have gone looking for FREE, quick, good alternatives.  These below are my […]

Add Google Authorship to WordPress – 2 Simple Ways

Update:  On 28 August, 2014 – Google ended their Authorship program.  Don’t be too upset.  This afterall, is Google all over.  If you need more comfort than swearwords can give, have a read of “The Right Way to Think About Google” by Sonia Simone.   This fully illustrated step-by-step guide on how to add Google […]

WordPress SEO Settings and Configuration

WordPress SEO Settings for Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin is something that takes quite a while to figure out.  This plugin is one of the most well known, most respected, most used WordPress plugins  in the WP (WordPress) community.  That being said, you would think that the author (Joost de Valk) from or someone else […]

WordPress Postname and Custom URL

A Friendly WordPress Postname URL will make Mr Google like you more!   By default WordPress gives you  ugly, unfriendly URLs for your posts/pages.  You will want a betterURL via WordPress postname for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization).   What does an ugly URL look like? An ugly URL has lots of numbers, question mark and […]

301 Redirect to Preferred Domain in WordPress

301 Redirect is super easy in WordPress! This is sometimes referred to as a server-side redirect.  Use the 301 to set up a permanent redirection. The 301 code means that a domain or page(s) has permanently moved to a new location. The 301 redirection automatically notifies your visitors’ browsers to update their affected bookmarks.  It […]