PayPal and ebay are splitting up

I just found out that PayPal and ebay are going their separate ways.  I can’t help having a wry smile on my face, remembering how the behemoth ebay tried to ram PayPal as the only payment option in eBay and created a justifiable furore over it. There seem to be a few major factors that […]

SEO: Image Alt Text vs Title

Are you losing traffic via your Image alt & title attributes? What are they? What is the difference between Image Alt Text vs Title? You may not care but Google does!

WordPress Maintenance Mode

I have been working on changing themes over at my ClearlyHelena site, and I never knew about WordPress maintenance mode.  Duh! Being able to put your WP (WordPress) site into maintenance mode when you are changing themes, doing major upgrades, or for any other reason where you might not want the public to access your […]

DNS Checker

Handy DNS checker to quickly determine propagation status of changes to your DNS records. I have just been involved with the much avoided but inevitable changing of hosting providers. Even from October of last year, I have been meaning to do the big (and scary) move as I mentioned in Exabytes Hosting – Bye Bye. […]

Apple Yosemite – Quick Summary Review

Apple has just released a new upgrade: Apple Yosemite OS x 10.10.  Should you upgrade? Always do a quick review.  You don’t want to be landed in bugs and problems if you can help it.  There are many reviews already on the net.  I will do a very quick one and give you references in […]

Exabytes Hosting – Will Say Bye-Bye

My hosting provider, Exabytes is driving me crazy.  Over a period of a year, the load speed and even accessibility of my sites have been slow on speed and spasmodic on accessibility.  Exabytes has one of the best customer service around.  They truly offer 24/7 service. I can email-contact them at any time of day or […]

BlueHost – Too Slow

I wrote (emailed via their Help Ticket system) to Blue Host on the 8th October, 2014. I finally got a response on 16th October (thank God, it was the same year). With a promise of 24/7 service at hand, getting a response over a week later is .. well Just Too Slow BlueHost!!

eWay – Sorry but Recommended

I almost signed up with eWay.  I am sorry I won’t be.  But now that I have my current payment gateway up and running (2Checkout – Excellent Service) for my ClearlyHelena store, I won’t be needing another gateway. However I would recommend eWay because even though I will not be signing up with them, I did learn […]

2Checkout – Excellent Service!

A few days ago, I blogged (at that I was applying for a new payment gateway because my payment gateway provider (2Checkout or 2CO) had deactivated my seller status. Due to unavoidable personal events, my store at ClearlyHelena had been inactive for many months. Hence no buying activity. But 2Checkout has been so pro-active and […]

EZine Articles puzzles over Page Rank

Ezine Articles, one of the most reputed content submission sites around, has got me truly puzzled.  They emailed me saying my latest submission had a “grammatical/spelling error” – namely, “Page Rank”.  Can you believe it? They actually don’t even know what “Page Rank” is!! In this day and age, in the position that they are […]