What is the Apple Time Machine

You have had your Mac for a while but still have no idea what the Apple Time Machine is?  Me too, until recently.  Here is a quick short primer on what is the Apple Time Machine and how to use it.

What is the Apple Time Machine

The Time Machine is built into your Mac (part of your OS X operating system). To use it, you will also need to buy either an Apple AirPort Time Capsule or an external hard drive.

Where is the Time Machine?

To find it, go to the your top menu bar (see: Glossary)

Apple Symbol > Symbol Preferences … >> Time Machine
Apple Time Machine

Apple Time Machine

You can turn the Time Machine on or off.  If you have previously specified an external hard drive as the backup device, it will appear here (mine being Lacie).  And you can choose to show the Time Machine icon on your menu bar for easy access.


How to use an Backup Drive with the Apple Time Machine

I have only recently just turned on my Time Machine when I bought my new hard drive, LaCie.  So I will use that as an example of how to use Apple Time Machine and an external drive to automate your backups in my next article.




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