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A few days ago, I blogged (at ClearlyHelena.com) that I was applying for a new payment gateway because my payment gateway provider (2Checkout or 2CO) had deactivated my seller status. Due to unavoidable personal events, my store at ClearlyHelena had been inactive for many months. Hence no buying activity.

But 2Checkout has been so pro-active and gave such excellent service, I now remain happily with them.


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Originally when I found out that my seller status had been de-activated and contacted 2CO, I was told that I had to fill in another application. While I had been quite satisfied with 2CO’s service and performance in the past, I do remember that the application process was rather tedious. And being short on time as per normal, I didn’t want to have to go through the entire process again.

Having heard about eWay from a friend a long time ago, I checked them out and thought I would give them a try instead. I mentioned this fact in a short blog posting (eWay and Re-Opening Esty). Within a matter of hours, I had an email from 2CO!

2CO mentioned my posting and asked if there was anything they could do to retain my business. My business is truly small fry. So I really wasn’t hopeful that they could or would do anything for me.

So I had no high expectations when I replied. I said that it was having to re-apply again that I was avoiding. Which, I said, was fine if I had been inactive for years. But as it was just months … well, I thought it was just too much bother. I said that if they could just re-activate my account, that would help alot.

I expected nothing to happen.

Within a few hours, I heard back from them. 2CO had reactivated my account. (A real person actually reads my emails!!!) That 2CO, is what I call exceptional service!!!

Thank you 2CO. Would recommend you anywhere!

Some Short Notes on 2Checkout


  • Their service has worked flawlessly for me for quite a few years.
  • No problems ever with security.


  • Sadly, their admin interface is not very intuitive.
  • When my seller status was about to be de-activated, I wish they had sent me some notification.




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  1. Hi Helena,

    We’re happy to have you back! Thanks so much for using 2Checkout (and for the awesome shoutout in your blog). Please feel free to reach out to us any time.

    Community Manager

    • Helena Asmus Lim says:

      Thank you Janeesa! I am so impressed by how on-the-ball 2CO has been lately. 2CO’s alertness to mentions of the company on the net is pretty awesome and your service is so quick, flexible, and helpful …. that is going to keep you ahead of the pack! By a mile!!!

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